"An Unclear Sky" by Kendra Baird

Green Rice Gallery will host “An Unclear Sky” featuring new works by Artist Kendra Baird, opening on March 6th from 7-9pm with a Meet the Artist Reception. Also included will be a wine tasting by PRP Wine International, featuring wine personalized with images of Kendra’s latest works. One of Kendra's original works will be included in a raffle as well, each ticket will be $10 and the drawing will be held on March 29th. Don't miss this chance to win an original work of art!

The show will run from March 6th until March 29th. Baird’s work over the past few years has evolved from quirky little creatures in nature into a deeper subject beyond the object we see on the surface. The nature of how uncertain our futures are, and how at any given time – no matter how aware we are of our life, the world around us and ourselves – we can never see the entire picture. She displays this in her work through using a frame of texture and color that crops the scene. We can only imagine what is hidden by this frame, and we step forward knowing what we can and hoping for what we cannot know. There will always be those things that make our view unclear, but the portions that we can see give us comfort and help us rest in peace when moving forward.