The Sold Project: Thailand

The Sold Project is a grassroots organization dedicated to inspiring individuals to join the fight against child prostitution. In 2007, a group of 20-somethings went to Thailand for a summer to research the plight of child exploitation, and they walked away with a dream of creating change. The result was a film: The Sold Project: Thailand. Sold's goal is to help everyone realize that they have a unique voice and a unique opportunity to join the fight against child prostitution and that their response to this situation actually does matter.

The Sold Project: Thailand will be screened at the Green Rice Gallery on Sunday, March 22 at 4:30pm and 6pm. Special guests Rachel Sparks and Rachel Goble will share about their experiences and knowledge from their time in Thailand. Jeremy Ezell will be serenading us before each screening. Please join us in this important cause - we hope to see you there!

Live Poetry Reading on March 20th!

Be sure to join us for a Live Poetry Reading here at Green Rice on Friday, March 20th, 7:30-9:00 pm during the gallery crawl! Jonathan Rice, editor of Iodine Poetry Journal and Scott Douglass, editor of Main Street Rag will host the Poetry Reading. Readers include Beth Cagle Burt, Glenn Hutchinson, Charles Israel, Jesse Kidd and Stephanie O'Neill. These poets all have work in the upcoming issues of Iodine Poetry Journal and Main Street Rag. You can check out the Iodine Poetry Journal at, and Main Street Rag at So come on out for a night of poetry and art!!!