New Artists!

This month we are excited to welcome 3 new artists to Green Rice! First off, we have Herb Dickinson - Herb has been painting for over 20 years, from illustrations for science projects as a child to five years of art classes in yound adulthood. Herb enjoys all styles of art, however, modern, abstract and impressionism in acrylic provide an outlet for mixing texture, colors and nature together. His paintings start with a sketch and color palette but in the process of creating, take a life of their own and give a delightful surprise at the finished results.
We are also excited to introduce Brandon Willett - Brandon graduated college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Concentration of Illustration and a Minor in Drawing and Art History. His work is a mixture of pop art with almost a grafitti feel to it and focuses on shape, color and bold lines.
And last but certainly not least we have Andrew Smock! After growing up in Chicago, Smock attended Ohio University where he studied art. He makes his living as a graphic artist and paints landscapes on the side (which we have brought into the gallery for all to see!). Smock now lives in Charlotte and paints in his studio in Area 15 right here in NoDa!

Visit the gallery today to see more from these and more of our talented local artists!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Father's Day is almost here, but no need to panic! We have the perfect gift ideas for Dad this year...METAL! Give Dad the gift of casted copper, hammered bronze or aged steel in the form of art. We have a gallery full of fantastic sculpture and wall hangings to choose from for in the home or in the yard display. The show is only up until June 28th, and Father's Day is only two days away, so come on out and get your metal on! Our Queen City Metalsmiths are Theron Ross, Mindy Jacobs, Aaron Alderman, Steven Sinnett and Marilyn Overton - and when we say that no 2 are alike, we mean it! Never before have we had 5 metal giants all in the same building, it is a sight to behold.

Main Gallery view

We also just got in brand new T-shirts by N.O.D. Designs - each is individually screenprinted by hand so that no two are exactly alike! Printed on the softest fabric we've ever felt, they will be Dad's new favorite tee!

Cast, Forged & Fabricated: The Queen City Metalsmiths

From the Bronze Age through the Iron Age to the present, metalwork has flourished in art, industry and trade. By the 1700’s the village blacksmith ensured the economic survival of early America, making the implements and equipment used in farming, business, and even in the common household. After industrialization, when ironwork could be provided by factories, blacksmiths reinvented themselves, putting their age-old hand forging talents to more creative endeavors. The studio craft movement began in the middle of the past century, allowing the floodgates of creativity to be thrown wide open and unbridled abandon to flow freely. Standing on the shoulders of the metal giants who have preceded them, we welcome J. Aaron Alderman, Steven Sinnett, Mindy Jacobs, Theron Ross and Marilyn Overton as they celebrate their ageless legacy of metalsmithing.

Celebrate with us during the Meet the Artists Reception on Friday, June 5th from 7 - 9pm. Also joining us will be Megan from PRP Wine International as she hosts a wine tasting during the reception.

Don't forget to bring Dad along so he can pick out the perfect Father's Day gift! The show will run from June 5th - 28th.