Help us Celebrate Women in the Arts!

Join us as we help celebrate FemmeFest 2009!
From May 23rd - 31st we will be showcasing artwork by our Green Rice Gals (no boys allowed on our walls!). We have a ton of new works by Artists such as Kendra Baird, Susan Nuttall, Bethany Hadden, Holt McLean, Virginia Dauth and Heather LaHaise that we can't wait to show you! And don't miss out when the streets come alive for FemmeFest here in NoDa on May 30th - we will have live music and spoken word in the gallery from 5:30 - 11pm! Everyone is invited regardless of gender as we provide a showcase for female artists and a forum in which to inform and empower the women of our communities.

PERSISTENT NIGHTMARES: New Abstract Drawings by Andrea Worley

Andrea Worley’s new abstract drawings give spontaneous and energetic form to the frightening nightmares she has experienced—and recorded in detail—over more than 30 years. With their underlying physical, psychological, and sexual tensions, these stark black and white abstractions conjure up the raw and ragged edge between something recognizable and that profound abyss within us all. Each drawing is accompanied by a dated section from the nightmare that gave rise to it. Worley, a native of Chattanooga, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Tennessee and her Master of Fine Arts from East Tennessee State University. Her studio is near Earl, North Carolina. The show will run from May 1st - 22nd.