New Jewelry!

Yes, we are finally carrying jewelry here at the gallery! We have 3 jewelry artists now - Meghan McLeod, Alexandra Speer and Simi Suri - all are completely different from each other but all are equally beautiful in their own unique way.

From happy chic to light and dainty, we have it all! Meghan crafts her pieces from unique beads and accessories, Simi travels the world in order to find the most interesting and beautifully handcrafted necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and Alexandra toils away in her studio here at the gallery perfecting her skills as a jeweler, making each beautiful piece by hand.

From sterling silver to beaded beauties, and handcrafted works straight from India - they are each a great gift for early Christmas shopping or a must have for you right now. Come and see for yourself!