Artsy Gift Ideas for the Holidays!!!

This year we stocked up on stocking stuffers! Here are some great gift ideas for the whole family...
Pair up a hand-turned wooden wine stopper with a couple of Celena Burnett's curvy stemmed wine goblets!
Sheila Carpenter ornaments are the perfect keepsake!

Small, original works on woodblock by Bethany Hadden can go anywhere in any home!

And don't forget that we have extended our Holiday Hours for the month of December. Our hours this month are Tues-Fri 11-7, Saturday 12-7, and Sunday 12-5, or by appointment. Stop by Green Rice and Shop Local this Holiday Season!

Green Rice is excited to Welcome three New Studio Artists to our gallery! Come on by and see their work in person or meet them during a gallery crawl...

Caroline Coolidge Brown

Caroline's paintings and collages explore the use of text, story and symbol. Several themes seem to have emerged and informed her work including the lovely organic shapes and bright colors of summer flowers which led her to explore floral compositions, which then drew her to focus on birds within the Annunciation paintings as symbols of the Holy Spirit; as well as other major themes which have been drawn from Mary and her Catholic history. Caroline combines a number of antique prints and photos and layers them with abstract and realistic painting and drawing to create a rich surface.

Cynthia Ryan

Cynitha is a curious and passionate student of life. She sees the genuine inner glow of everything, as if looking through a window at a hidden treasure within. Having spent years of studying art and photography as well as working in high-end commercial television before returning to her love of art and Italy. She now divides her time between North Carolina and Italy with her partner and fellow artist Domenico Romano.

Domenico Romano

Domenico has been perfecting the skill of miniature art painting for almost twenty years. It was in Positano, Italy that he discovered his love for "plein air" painting. He is one of a few, if not the only artist painting on a miniature scale "en plain air". His technique of using oil paintings in an almost transparent manner on archival quality paper board renders a most delicate and exquisite effect. A steady hand and a commitment to quality, growth and sincerity as an artist make a Romano miniature a true work of art to be treasured. Come see both his miniature and plein air work at Green Rice Gallery!

Explore your "Terrain"

For the month of August we have been featuring Kate Vassur's art in an incredible exhibit titled "Terrain". If you haven't seen it yet make sure you stop by before August 29th. Her ambiguous forms of faded tree lines and strokes of motion give the viewer a sense of connection to places they may have been long ago or places in their mind's eye they would like to go. Inspiration for the works in the series are the natural scapes that surround Kate as well as the wood grain on the panels which she paints.

Kate Vasseur grew up in Florida with her parents who spend many Saturdays looking for treasures in local flea markets and encouraged an artistic flair in their kids with daily art projects. After completing her degree at Elon University in Elon, NC, Kate moved out west to California to soak up experiences of life as a full-time artist. Kate has returned to NC and now resides in Charlotte where she has been working on her craft ever since.

Kate appreciates exploring many forms when painting. Landscapes have always been special to her and are the pieces that resonate most in her portfolio. She would like to invite you to the places she sees as she continues to explore in this form in vision. In emotion.

Green Rice Gallery Welcomes our two New Studios Aritists: Marybela Souder and Jessica Surles!

Marybela Souder

Marybela Souder has been creating since the age of three, refining her keen imagination to create abstract paintings and impressionistic landscapes. Marybela graduated Cum Laude from the International Academy of Design in Tampa with a degree in Advertising with concentrations in design, marketing and copywriting. Using her accumulated skills, she strives to create art that is creative, affordable and marketable while keeping her focus centered around the colorful imagination.

"Impressionism and abstract art come very easily to me, because my focus is color," states Marybela when describing her work.

Jessica Surles

Jessica Surles began creating at a young age; taking art classes, designing jewelery to sell locally and creating artistic murals from her own bedroom walls. Jessica pursued her BS in elementary education with a concentration in visual arts from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. After graduation, she moved to Charlotte to begin her teaching career.

Jessica is now cultivating her love for the arts and education, recently becoming involved in two local non-profit organizations: Equitas and A Better World; both provide opportunities for children lacking in resources for equal -opportunity education.
Jessica uses her art to raise money for education funds both locally and internationally.

Come experience these amazing artists' work at Green Rice Gallery, located in the historic district of Charlotte, NC.

Jay Bird in July!

Kia Ora (Welcome) to a New Zealand experience! Created by Artist Jay (Bird) Thompson, this show invites you to feel, taste, see and learn about the newest country in the world. From adrenaline extreme gobsmacking scenic a proud culture... to genuine just being...this journey will take you 8000 miles away to Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud.

After a 7 month adventure in New Zealand, arguably one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Jay returned to the Carolinas inspired and ready to create! Geothermal hotsprings and volcanoes, gorgeous beaches, rugged stunning coastline, snowcapped mountains, glaciers, glowworms, rainforests, culture... skiing, surfing, kayaking, skydiving, adrenaline. What better inspiration for an artist!
Jay now shares his worldly experiences and strives to inspire others to live like the kiwis...genuine, real and alive! Aotearoa opens tonite, Friday July 2nd with a Meet the Artist Reception from 7-9pm and will be on exhibit until Sunday, August 1st. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in New Zealand culture!

Borrow an Artist from Green Rice!

If you have ever wondered what our Borrow an Artist Program here at the gallery is, just click on the link and find out! We were so excited when photographer and blogger Neil Cowley visited Green Rice with his camera and microphone to chat about one of our many outside activities - Borrow an Artist. Take a look and a listen!!!

Coming June 4th to a Gallery near you!!!

We are delighted to have Isaac Payne as our Featured Artist at Green Rice Gallery in our newest exhibition entitled: Charcoal Cities: Drawings of People and Places, which will be up for month of June.

Isaac gathers his inspiration from childhood memories and photographs taken from his travels and places he has lived, then creates the subject matter using a process of reflection and invention.

Carefully choosen colors amongst a muted color pallette add to the visually alluring images; creating a sense of mystery that can represent scenes everywhere in general yet nowhere specific.

We especially enjoy the larger scale of most of his pieces that create a strong pressence; exciting the viewer. The often imposing angles of the city/landspaces have a dramatic effect, making you feel pulled into each scene in a powerful way. His figuarative drawings remain aloof