Explore your "Terrain"

For the month of August we have been featuring Kate Vassur's art in an incredible exhibit titled "Terrain". If you haven't seen it yet make sure you stop by before August 29th. Her ambiguous forms of faded tree lines and strokes of motion give the viewer a sense of connection to places they may have been long ago or places in their mind's eye they would like to go. Inspiration for the works in the series are the natural scapes that surround Kate as well as the wood grain on the panels which she paints.

Kate Vasseur grew up in Florida with her parents who spend many Saturdays looking for treasures in local flea markets and encouraged an artistic flair in their kids with daily art projects. After completing her degree at Elon University in Elon, NC, Kate moved out west to California to soak up experiences of life as a full-time artist. Kate has returned to NC and now resides in Charlotte where she has been working on her craft ever since.

Kate appreciates exploring many forms when painting. Landscapes have always been special to her and are the pieces that resonate most in her portfolio. She would like to invite you to the places she sees as she continues to explore in this form in vision. In emotion.