Cast, Forged & Fabricated: The Queen City Metalsmiths

From the Bronze Age through the Iron Age to the present, metalwork has flourished in art, industry and trade. By the 1700’s the village blacksmith ensured the economic survival of early America, making the implements and equipment used in farming, business, and even in the common household. After industrialization, when ironwork could be provided by factories, blacksmiths reinvented themselves, putting their age-old hand forging talents to more creative endeavors. The studio craft movement began in the middle of the past century, allowing the floodgates of creativity to be thrown wide open and unbridled abandon to flow freely. Standing on the shoulders of the metal giants who have preceded them, we welcome J. Aaron Alderman, Steven Sinnett, Mindy Jacobs, Theron Ross and Marilyn Overton as they celebrate their ageless legacy of metalsmithing.

Celebrate with us during the Meet the Artists Reception on Friday, June 5th from 7 - 9pm. Also joining us will be Megan from PRP Wine International as she hosts a wine tasting during the reception.

Don't forget to bring Dad along so he can pick out the perfect Father's Day gift! The show will run from June 5th - 28th.