Check Out Our Newest Artist!!!

Meet our newest addition to Green Rice, Adam Ramsey Miller! After being honorably discharged from the Marines, Adam studied art at Delta State University in Cleveland, MS. While in school, he supported himself by working at a local Cajun restaurant named "Crawdads" , meanwhile spending hundreds of hours in his studio training himself to paint. During his experimentation, he discovered abstract layering techniques that incorporate photo landscapes which are constructed using collage techniques.

Adam uses a wide range of mixed media in his work, stepping far outside of the box when it comes to creativity. His pieces evoke a feeling of nostalgia, a glimpse into the past to a simpler time. After capturing his own photos, he manipulates them for just the right effect, then applies them onto a wood panel layered with mixed media; a combination of acrylic, oil, wood stain, etc. It is then sealed with a high gloss polyurethane for a beautifully finished look.

Adam recently moved to Gold Hill, NC in July 2009 where he currently lives and has a painting studio in a converted feed shack. Using inspiration from both Mississippi and North Carolina, his work is about displacement of the present and the past, and the linking of the two.