Uptown Magazine Guide to the Galleries

Hey everyone, check out the fantastic write up in Charlotte's Uptown Magazine's Guide to the Galleries issue online at http://uptownclt.com/2010/02/guide-to-the-galleries/5/. You can find information on any Gallery in and around Charlotte, including our favorite...US! We just love getting good press, but it's no fun unless we share it with all of you! Thanks for making us feel special Uptown Magazine!

There is also a great article called "Why Care About Art" that we recommend EVERYONE read - just follow this link http://uptownclt.com/2010/02/why-care-about-art/.

And last but not least, under "Bodies of Work", Katherine Blackwell's "melty people" paintings are featured! Here's the link to see the entire article: http://uptownclt.com/2010/02/bodies-of-work/. Katherine will be our featured guest Artist for the entire month of April 2010. Her opening reception will be on Friday, April 2nd from 7-9pm.